LiLo’s skill is called N-of-1

Designed to overcome the three barriers to chronic health: Lack of personalization, lack of health literacy, insufficient adherence.

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Personalizes lifestyle medicine

Most health recommendations benefit some greatly, many a little, and harm a few.

That’s why most of us are:

Uncertain –
which recommendation works how

by the plethora of recommendations

Deshalb sind die meisten von uns:

by the lack of feedback

Out of their depth
with independent experimenting

To fix that, we created LiLo.

For the layman-friendly integration of lifestyle habits with personal disposition.

Provides health literacy

Whether we change our diet or start exercising, we experiment – with our own health.

  • So let’s experiment in a scientifically sound way: using N-of-1 to discover what works.

LiLo makes self-experiments layman-friendly, evidence-based and intuitively understandable. The result: health literacy for oneself..

Turns good intentions into lasting habits

Research shows how we respond to a health recommendation.

We ask 3 questions:

Does it help me?

Can I do that?

Is it worth the effort?

If we don’t find our way to “yes” in the shortest possible time, the recommendation will not become a habit.
No matter how effective it may be.
That’s why LiLo helps you discover what works and how – quickly and reliably.
The result: health literacy for yourself.


What you can measure, you can also control.

PWV – Pulse Wave Velocity

The higher the PWV, the stiffer the vessels. PWV as a gold standard measurement value …

  • Detects arterial dysfunction earlier than blood pressure
  • Reacts quickly and sensitively to lifestyle measures
  • Is the guiding parameter for the calculation of vascular age

A special scale makes PWV measurement at home accessible as a benchmark for self-guided lifestyle medicine.

Blood pressure

Telemedicine-guided home blood pressure monitoring has been shown to outperform occasional office measurement [1]:

  • More sensitive detection of intervention effects
  • Improvement of intervention adherence
  • Reduction of unnecessary office visits

LiLo integrates WLAN-enabled certified measurement devices into the eHR.

[1] Mengden T, Weisser B. Therapieüberwachung bei arterieller Hypertonie. Dtsch Arztebl Int 2021;118:473–8. doi:10.3238/arztebl.m2021.0158.

A 6th sense for calorie balance.

If we had a 6th sense for our energy balance, staying slim would be a piece of cake.

Instead of useless diets and calorie counting, LiLo activates the process of implicit learning:

  • Daily weighing plus a 1-click estimation of calorie balance
  • Smart feedback on daily weight fluctuations

Minimalist in terms of effort, intuitive weight control becomes self-reinforcing.


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