Lifestyle Medicine

will not replace health platforms, but platforms that use DIY Lifestyle Medicine, will replace those that don’t.

Corporate health management

Snowballing your worksite health promotion

Health promotion that employees take home with them.

With LiLo, you help your employees navigate to chronic health on their own – no need for on-site health promotion measures.

When lifelong health and functionality is your employees’ future, LiLo is their GPS.

Mobilizes personal responsibility

Because employees spend 80% of their time outside the workplace.

Designed for more efficiency

Smart mHealth technology:

  • avoids waste of resources for inactive users.
  • enables objective benefit assessment of workplace health promotion measures – GDPR compliant.
  • helps keep the business running – a workforce that stays biologically younger also stays more efficient.

“Democratizes” workplace health promotion

Why should only large companies be able to impress their employees with individualized lifestyle medicine?

  • LiLo integrates into existing workplace health promotion, or can be set up as a stand-alone system – from the smallest company to the largest corporation


Personalized precision medicine on prescription


Personalises lifestyle medicine

N-of-1 guides patients to the right intervention at the right dose.

  • evidence-based
  • guideline-compliant


Reduces avoidable consultations

LiLo facilitates remote adjustment of interventions, integrating mHealth Tech with eHR.


Makes successes visible

In real time for physician and patient through visualisation of intervention effects.


health literacy

With guided self-experimentation patients discover what works for them personally.

Wellness professionals / gyms

Unique selling proposition

Individualised lifestyle medicine attracts clients who:

  • seek a personalised approach to chronic health
  • appreciate competence

More revenue

LiLo generates additional revenue:

  • subscription fees
  • sale of mHealth tech devices

Increased customer loyalty

LiLo promotes loyalty, because lifestyle medicine is by definition lifelong.

    Manufacturers of mobile health technologies


    Delivering guideline-compliant lifestyle medicine

    N-of-1 integration upgrades mHealth monitoring to individualised treatment and lifestyle management …

    • Opens up guideline-compliant lifestyle medicine to physicians
    • Integrates with existing user & device platforms
    • Individualises primary and secondary prevention
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