Discover what works

Lifestyle medicine is not one-size-fits-all. Neither is LiLo.

With our flexible business model, you choose the configuration you need for your business, practice, product or customers.

And then we build it together.

We morph LiLo into the configuration you need…

… to integrate individualised lifestyle medicine into your health care services – aligned to your needs, your budget and your constraints.

Whether as white-label plug-in or stand-alone, you decide on:

  • the health objectives
  • the selection of interventions
  • the availability and level of personal coaching
  • the location of the server (external or internal)
  • the interfaces
  • the possible on-boarding of our health experts
  • the supporting health services (seminars, lectures, health days).

LiLo’s features

  • Operationalization N-of-1
  • suitable for laypersons
  • evidence-based
  • guideline and GDPR compliant
  • “medical grade mHealth tech integration
  • Integration with electronic health records (eHR)
  • Access rights and group management
  • Notification management
  • Scalable
  • Project-specific configurations & layouts
  • Can be integrated into existing structures


  • Onboarding specialist/scientist
  • Dedicated contact
  • Seminars, lectures, Health Days
  • Newsletter (medical topics – in layman’s terms)

Be part of it

LiLo is in beta mode for corporate health management and physicians until the end of Q2 2023. We want to align LiLo with user needs.

For companies this means: You can apply for an implementation of LiLo in your corporate health management.


  • An active user base of >200
  • Term 1 year
  • Cost coverage for required mHealth devices
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